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New environment wizard

Enabling users to launch a database-connected app



PowerApps allows you to create apps using your data or a Microsoft database (called Common Data Service).

Building a sample app connected to a local database showcases the convenience of PowerApps; unfortunately, launching the process was complicated. I was tasked with simplifying this experience.


  • Myself – Product designer
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Writer
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Mapping out the experience flow

I started by understanding the different checkpoints a user must pass in order to launch a sample app.


I weighed the option of putting the entire experience in a single dialog, but thought it was unclear and confusing. Due to multiple permissions checks, I proposed a multi-stage design to the team, and they agreed it would make for a clearer experience.



I identified three possible routes for the user to launch a sample app, and wireframed the corresponding screens.


Utilizing existing patterns


After identifying the different stages of the wizard, I utilized an existing dialog for creating a new environment and database. 

Incorporating an existing pattern into the new wizard was efficient for developers and design alike. It also allowed us to maintain consistency within the product – no matter how you launch the process, creating an environment should be the same.


Guiding the user

After some internal design reviews, I introduced a progress indicator to give users a sense of the length of process. The final design gives users context of what they need to do next, and helps them accomplish that task. 


Launch follow-up

The feature was an integral part of integrating the Microsoft database with PowerApps, but ultimately, it was shelved due to a database overhaul.

The dialog experience for creating an environment has continued to grow, with the addition of Advanced settings. ✨