Gild Intro


How do you show the personality of a new salon in a useful, simple way? 

Founded in 2015 by two female entrepreneurs, Gild Beauty Bar aims to provide luxury beauty services in a chic environment. Among the competition, Gild’s welcoming service and spunky personality makes the company stand out. Gild's website needed to introduce prospective customers and familiar fans to the Gild community in a user-friendly way.

Role: Competitive research, Information architecture, Wireframing, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Content Strategy, Website Development. A suntribe project.

Gild Information Architecture and Research

Research & Information Architecture

  • Understand the clients’ vision through competitor sites and Pinterest boards. It’s important to discuss what the client imagines so I can best work with them to bring the vision to life and manage expectations.

  • Determine necessary features of site based on customer and business needs. As a UX Designer, it's my role to champion how the customer will use the site. I strive to find the middle ground that delivers the best experience for both the user and the client.

Gild Wireframes


  • Create wireframes with emphasis on simple navigation and space for large, demonstrative photography. For small businesses, it’s important to present services and offerings as up-front as possible to maximize the utility of the site for the customer.

  • Collaborate with developer to determine feasibility. Not everything I design is possible or visually translates into a good idea. Open communication resets the plane.

Gild Design

Design, Content Strategy and Development

  • Develop color scheme and typography in accordance to branding and customer segment. I created a youthful, welcoming atmosphere by choosing light colors and san-serif type. Call outs were emphasized with a bold pink.

  • Translate client’s tone of voice and offerings into content. To write the content, I conducted thorough interviews with the founders to understand their differentiating techniques.

  • Create website using CMS and custom CSS. In order to bring the vision behind the wireframe to life, I added code to enable specific interface interactions (such as the drop-down menu and anchored links).

  • Create style guide for client, covering brand voice, logo use, color palette, typography and web elements, and photography direction.