Tina Nguyen

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iN a mid-sized nutshell


Who, me? I’m an Angeleno native (shoutout to the San Gabriel Valley), woman of color, and an INTJ. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, teaching myself economics and business on the side to nab a full-time gig at a management consulting firm. I turned it down to work at the world’s largest e-tailer (you could call it The Everything Store) before leaving to pursue a career in user experience and graphic design.

I’m an extremely positive person, and love that I can use design to delight and influence serious issues like diversity. In a way, visual design is the universal language. I'm currently bringing my customer-centric experience working with product managers, clients, and stakeholders to small businesses and agencies as a UX Consultant.

In my free time, I’m stretching my muscles by working on founding a creative consultancy for small businesses and communities (more here). I’m also literally stretching my muscles by weightlifting at the gym, walking to nearby restaurants to compile food guides, and climbing in nature to get that perfect photo. If you'd like to work together, shoot me an email at



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